The Key To Eliminating
Year-End Surprises

Annual budgets let you to stay on top of your financial progress as your year unfolds. They give you the ability to reel in expenses before they kill your bottom line.

Most contractors run their business from the hip - hoping everything works out for the best. In other words, taking whatever work they come across and spending whatever money their mood strikes them to spend.

Then they arrive at the end of the year surprised to discover;

» Their year was unprofitable.
» Their crews stood around a lot.
» Their equipment was often unavailable due to breakdowns.
» Most of the jobs ran behind schedule...significantly behind schedule.

Nothing about their business went the way they had expected it to. Does any of this sound familiar? Are we describing your business or the business of someone you know?

If you keep hitting year end with disappointing performance, maybe it's time you started budgeting your success. Not sure how? Give us a call (913-961-1790 or 708-774-6500) and let us help you out.

Here's What We Do

We walk you through a comprehensive process that will not only produce a detailed line item budget for your income and expenses, it will lead you through multiple important business decisions, and give you incredible insight into the way your business functions.

Here's How You Benefit

You gain possession of the tool you need to keep a close eye on your financial progress, or lack thereof, and make the necessary changes quickly enough to protect your income. Truthfully, a well thought out budget eliminates year-end surprises.

Here's What To Do To Get Started

Pull together your income statements and balance sheets from the last year or two. Pull a payroll report to see how many hours your men worked last year. Then pick up the phone, call us (913-961-1790 or 708-774-6500) to discuss your present performance, in general terms of course, and tell us how much money you'd like to make in the upcoming year.



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