When You're In Trouble - Call Our Rescue Squad!

Everyone needs quick access to an expert when a serious problem pops up. We ’ve been beating the bushes to find service providers who can solve challenging problems contractors frequently find themselves experiencing.

We’ve found three companies who pass our acid test.

1. They have a commitment to customer success.

2. They understand contractors.

3. They know how to get contractors out of trouble quickly.

4. They are skilled professionals with uncommon expertise.

Each of the service providers you’re going to meet has set their business up to handle clients coast to coast. No matter where you’re located they can help you.

Check out these service providers if you have a problem with:

1. Staffing, payroll, and benefits (HR Administration)

2. Bookkeeping, Office Organization & Lead Generation

3. Equipment leasing (If you are getting ready to lease equipment, you’ve got a leasing PROBLEM you’re not even aware of yet!)

Each of the companies I’ve identified has extensive experience helping contractors get out of trouble and making progress towards financial freedom. The individuals identified are either the founders or the people who I talk to frequently.

Hopefully, you know me well enough now to know I’m not going to send you to a company that doesn’t GET contractors. But as always, DO YOUR OWN DUE
DILIGENCE (i.e. ask enough questions to make sure the relationship will work for you before hiring them)


Davis and Associates (Mike O’Neil)


«Staffing, Payroll, and Benefits (HR Administration)»

Of all the annoying little tasks required of a business owner to stay in the good graces of the government, the most often unintentionally ignored and messed up are administrative tasks. The owners of Davis and Associates, Mike and Curt, have built an organization to relieve you of the headaches and it is surprisingly affordable.

Small contractors almost always need help managing the minefield of employee administration including: staffing, payroll, withholding tax payments, health
benefits, workers' compensation claims, and unemployment insurance claims.

A few samples of their service offerings:

>> Assistance with staffing

>> Provide access to attractive and affordable benefits

>> Assistance with payroll compliance (payroll, EEOC, etc)

>> Manage employee related claims

>> Provide employee handbooks, policies, procedures and practices.

>> Keep you up-to-date on labor regulations.

Simply put, Mike and Curt save you from spending valuable time on HR related tasks, allowing you to focus on what you should be focusing on: growing your business.

You can Mike O’Neil at (913) 424-7972 or mikeoneil@davisandassociates.biz (www.davisandassociates.biz).


Synthesis (Barbara Rogoff)


«Bookkeeping, Office Organization & Lead Generation»

If there’s one thing contractors are worse at than selling, it’s office organization. That’s why Synthesis is a great company to have on your side.

Synthesis provides solutions for three of the most common challenges faced by small contractors:

>> Bookkeeping

>> Time management

>> Lead generation and follow-up

Barbara opened up Synthesis in 1994 with a commitment to helping clients organize their offices, database systems, and financial management systems. Her husband Gary joined her in 1998 after spending 25 in sales and sales management. Together they have built Synthesis into a very successful business by monitoring small business needs and figuring out creative ways to meet those needs affordably.

Gary and Barbara offer total outsourcing solutions as well as software implementation and training. So, whether you want to gain the skills yourself or just
pay Synthesis’ team to perform the tasks for you, they are there to help.

The central theme of Synthesis’ service is to help you save time, lots of time, by being organized. Surely you would benefit from having more time on your hands. I know I would.

Synthesis provides training and outsourcing on ACT! contact management software and QuickBooks Pro and Peachtree Complete accounting packages. It also has
a wonderful direct mail lead generation product called the 5-Touch Point Marketing System. That’s the lead generation system Barbara and Gary have used to grow their own business quite rapidly and predictably.

You can reach Barbara Rogoff at (913) 897-7250 or at Barbara@synthesis-inc.com (www.synthesis-inc.com).


Review Your Lease (Mary Redmond)


« Equipment Lease Negotiator »

Mary’s one of my favorite people in the world. Funny. Smart. Amazingly energetic. Highly skilled.

More importantly for you, she saves clients thousands, tens of thousands, and in one case, MILLIONS of dollars.

Have I got your attention yet?

You see, Mary is an expert at equipment lease negotiations. Yes. You can actually negotiate equipment leases. And if you don’t, they will...


Mary is a former insider from the leasing underworld. She learned all of the tricks (26 and counting) leasing companies use to steal your money and what demands they are willing to give in to before walking away from a deal. Luckily for us, she switched teams and is now on our side.

Mary’s track record is impeccable. She is probably one of just a handful of individuals capable of helping you save thousands on your equipment leases.

A real benefit of retaining Mary is the sheer interpersonal pleasure of working with her. She is a blast to work with! Why shouldn’t you have some fun while saving tons of money!

You can reach Mary Redmond at (913) 441-4108 or mary@reviewyourlease.com (www.reviewyourlease.com).


Tying It All Together


If you do call one of these individuals, please let them know you got their name from the newsletter. That’ll help them get up speed in your conversation. Tell them the problem you’ve got and what you looking for help with. They’ll do everything in their power to help you succeed.


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