Are You Ready to Build
the Business of Your Dreams?

Do What the Pros Do - Hire a Coach!

Why You Should Retain A Coach

Tiger Woods, possibly the greatest golfer who has ever lived, relies on a coach to prepare his game. That way, when competitive pressures mount, he can bank on his skills to come through.

Can you bank on yours to come through when competition stiffens and the margin for error shrinks?

When You Started Your Business,
Was It Your Dream to Work Long
Never-ending Hours Just To Get By?

It was probably your dream to build a business that would flow piles of money into your bank account and let you take time off every now and then.

Have you realized those dreams yet?

Wouldn't you benefit from having your very own personal mentor to guide you through the tough times? Many contractors do.

"Just knowing we're going to talk every week
forces me to do what I need to be doing."

"You give me the motivation and confidence I need
to overcome my fears and concerns."

~ David McFarlane
President, McFarlane 1-800-Asphalt

Curious as to why our clients chose to retain professional guidance?

We motivate them to excel. We focus their time and money on business building activities. We keep them away from business killing mistakes.

In short, we teach our clients how to build great construction businesses by implementing proven systems and utilizing proven leadership and sales techniques.

If you aren't absolutely THRILLED with your business' results, give us a call (913-961-1790 or 773-870-6500).

Why Our Coaching Services Work

Over the years we've learned a few lessons about contractors.

  1. Each is different - and must be handled that way.

  2. Constant touch leads to faster improvement.

  3. Clients committed to success improve ...those that aren't - don't.

  4. Just-in-time learning is the only method that develops skills.

  5. Clients make a lot more progress when we're on site...but we can't be there every day.

  6. At some point of company growth, we will need to begin working with the management team's key players.

We've developed our coaching services to accommodate those six lessons. Strangely, that makes us quite unique among coaches and consultants.

Most have designed their practices to accommodate only one or two of those issues and they try to convince their clients their simplified method will work.

Two out of six doesn't cut it. That doesn't produce the results clients need and deserve. It takes a coaching program that addresses all six issues.

How Our Coaching Services Work

We get asked all the time, "How do you coaching services work?" Here's how they work.

How we start a client off depends on their size, budget, and urgency.

For larger clients who are eager to move fast and willing to spend the money, we start off with an onsite session devoted to business planning and staff evaluation.

These sessions are typically intense two or three day affairs that produce detailed plans for sales and marketing, staffing, and production management plus near term goals and long term direction.

With smaller clients, who need greater flexibility in their planning, we develop these items over the course of the first six months as we move the business forwards.

The core service is built around weekly, hour-long coaching sessions held over the telephone. We use those sessions to:

  • Keep our client focused on high priority, high leverage tasks.

  • Develop critical business, sales, and financial management skills.

  • Resolve pressing problems.

  • Give our clients the motivation and inspiration they need to fight through the obstacles.

For the simple approach, weekly calls, budget a $1,000 a month for the telephone coaching service. You only pay for the sessions held, each charged at $250.

Consulting Projects That Produce Rapid Improvement

Our systems have helped right the ship of many construction companies. These are not ivory tower ideas. These are solutions designed to work in businesses populated by blue-collar type personalities that like things kept simple yet effective.

Need a solution expertly designed and implemented quickly? That's where we step in and do the work for you. Here is a sample list of the projects commonly handed-off to us:

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