Without Great Employees...
You Can't Have a Great Business!

A company who is incapable of finding good people, selecting good people, hiring good people, and keeping good people is going to struggle mightily. Finding and keeping good workers is difficult.

You must match their skills to the position; their attitudes to your company's culture, and the position to your company's strategic direction. A breakdown in any of these three relationships will de-motivate the employee and give them reason to leave.

The purpose of your staffing system is to get the right people in your company and get them placed in the right jobs so that they are successful individually and as a group.

Hence, your company need systems for:

  • Advertising openings.
  • Interviewing.
  • Creating and updating job descriptions.
  • Communicating performance expectations.
  • Monitoring market wage rates.
  • Dismissing non-performers.
  • Developing employees' skills
  • Rewarding good performance.
  • Selecting the right people for promotion.
  • Keeping employees up to speed on policies and procedures.
  • Aligning your organization to changes in your strategy and your size.
  • Preventing harassment and violence.
  • Safety training.
  • Termination of non-performing employees.
Some Great Advice On Staffing

The legendary Dee Hock on Hiring and Promotion:

Hire and promote...

1st on the basis of integrity,
2nd on motivation,
3rd on capacity,
4th on understanding,
5th on knowledge,
6th on experience.

  1. Without integrity, motivation is dangerous!
  2. Without motivation, capacity is impotent!
  3. Without capacity, understanding is limited!
  4. Without understanding, knowledge is meaningless!
  5. Without knowledge, experience is blind!

Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to good use by people with all the other qualities.

A Sign Seen in a Chevy Dealership Service Department:

  • Success Creates Excitement
  • Excitement Breeds Opportunity
  • Opportunity Attracts People

Done right, it's a never ending cycle as people create success.

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