Systems That Put Your Competition
At A Cost Disadvantage

Having worked their way up from field, most contractors believe they really understand production management. They are prideful of the quality and invest themselves heavily in the bidding of work.

Yet they continually fight:

  • Crews running who are behind schedule

  • Projects running over budget

  • Work requiring repair

To an outsider (that would be us), all the evidence points to a production management system that could greatly improve yet the contractors tell us all is okay.

It's not.

You can't survive, much less excel, in the construction industry if your crews can't consistently bring your projects in on time, in budget, and with little or no re-work.

Production management is the ante that lets you play the hand. Several other factors determine whether you win. But, failing to manage your production will take you out of the game.

To guarantee you get to keep playing, and probably excelling, here are the production management systems your business needs:

  1. Estimating
    • Reviewing Historical Performance
    • Tuning The Estimating Parameters
    • Predicting the Market's Price
    • Subcontractor Qualification
  2. Productivity
    • Project Scheduling
    • Document Management
    • Crew Activity Plans
    • Daily Goal Setting
    • Material & Equipment Logistics
  3. Quality Control
    • Operations Manuals
    • Daily Logs
    • Subcontractor Management
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Quality Audits
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