Checking Us Out, eh?

So you’re wondering "Just exactly who is this Contractor’s Business Coach?"

All is not what it appears to be. You see, our name, The Contractor’s Business Coach, implies this is a one man shop. Not so.

We have a team of professionals who are expert at growing construction businesses. Actually, we specialize in running commercial construction businesses. Our most successful clients are self-performing contractors of all stripes: drywall, electrical, HVAC, concrete, painting, plumbing, site work, pavement maintenance, framers, and so forth.

Why the singular name?

We thought the grammatically correct name, The Contractor’s Business Coaches, sounded stupid. So the name remained singular although our team is many.

Moving on to things you probably are more interested in: What makes us capable of helping you?

Very Few Management Consultants
Understand Contractors

We happen to know how to grow a construction business. We are insiders to the industry. We believe contractors face far different challenges than do other businesses. We know that solutions that work in other industries often do not work in the construction industry.

The fact is:

We Know Contractors

We LOVE Contractors

We speak your language. We understand your employees, your clients, and your suppliers. We love the fact that construction can NEVER be outsourced to a foreign country.

Why Choose Us As Your Guide and Mentor?

Glad you asked. We are different, because quite honestly, each of us has a very rare talent - the ability to simultaneously see the forest and the trees. We have the ability to bring together and coordinate ALL of the systems that affect your success.

This lets us position your business to grow relatively risk free while moving you towards financial and personal freedom.


Functional experts know their functional area to the Nth degree. They know all the tricks to optimize your business’ performance on that one aspect.

Unfortunately, their highly specialized solutions almost always create havoc in several other areas of your business. So, you end up going backwards, or at best, treading water despite investing considerable time, money, and emotional energy into their solution.

OUR solutions move EVERYTHING forwards. We don’t settle for two steps forwards and one step back. That’s for the other guys: the financial experts, the staffing experts, the lead generation experts, the efficiency experts, the sales experts. The people who whisper in your year that THEY are the magic pill.

We’re different. We make sure the proper systems and people are in place to prevent quality problems, customer satisfaction problems, and productivity problems. We make sure you have everything in place to know where you were, are, and going to be. We make sure that your business is stable before launching it into explosive growth.

The solutions we teach and implement are real-world proven. The truth is: our solutions have helped hundreds of contractors grow their bank accounts significantly.

Each solution is designed to accommodate the personality quirks of the individuals who use them or who are affected by them. Our solutions are practical, simple, and deliver the results you want and expect.

If you seek predictable performance as your company grows, you need someone who will help you stay ahead of the game and develop your skills before you must call on them as your business explodes.

If your business isn't producing the results you desire, take advantage of everything we offer.

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