~Performance Management~

Keeping People Motivated & Accountable

It's a sad fact.

The owner is often the only person pays the price for poor performance - the poor performance of everyone else that is.

That's no way to run a successful business.

When one of your employees fails to perform his job, he lets down everyone in your company.

It demoralizes everyone. It demotivates everyone.

It gives everyone license to goof-off.

How Do You Prevent
Poor Employee Performance?

You prevent it by:

  1. Putting the right people in the right jobs

  2. Giving them everything they need to succeed

  3. Setting clear performance expectations

  4. Reviewing their performance formally and informally

  5. Rewarding them for superior performance

  6. Teaching (coaching) them on how to improve

  7. Holding them accountable for ongoing performance failures

Many of those items are leadership based but two aren't. One is job descriptions. CLICK HERE to read about them.

The other is the formal performance review system. You need a feedback system that will both communicate the behaviors you expect and measures the employee's performance on those behaviors.

Here's What We Do

We take our library of evaluation topics and questions, go over them with you, identify new ones, then turn them into one or more performance evaluation surveys.

Here's How You Benefit

You put in place a system that will in and of itself increase employee productivity, customer focus, and teamwork long before the first review cycle.

Here's What To Do To Get Started

Email us or pick up the phone and call us (913-961-1790 or 708-774-6500) to arrange for a detailed work scope and project price.

If you aren't currently tracking employee performance and successfully holding your employees accountable for unacceptable performance, call us to get the necessary systems in place.

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