~Job Descriptions~

Making Sure Everybody
Knows Exactly What To Do

Why would you expect an employee to know what to do when no one has given him a clear and complete listing of his job duties?

Oh sure, you've told him. Told him five times. Surely that's enough, right?

No, it's not.

Verbally Telling Them Their Duties
Is Not Going To Cut It!

Duties need to be written down. They need to be prioritized. Specific performance standards must be listed for each task. Until you do that for each and every position, your team will under-perform.

Without comprehensive job descriptions:

  • Critical tasks will fall through the cracks because everyone thinks they are someone else's job.

  • High priority tasks will be shoved aside for low priority tasks.

  • Tasks will be finished poorly because your employees don't know what the finished product needs to look like.
  • If you need help writing job descriptions or you simply would rather pay someone to write them for you, call me (913-961-1790). I have written hundreds of job descriptions for contractors.

    Here's What We Do

    We take our library of jbo descriptions, go over them with you, identify new ones, then turn them into a comprehensive set for your team.

    Here's How You Benefit

    Our style is unlike anything you've ever seen because we're not human resources professionals. We are practical guys who write job descriptions that produce clear direction for your workers and help you ensure that every critical task has properly assigned and prioritized.

    Here's What To Do To Get Started

    Email us or pick up the phone and call us (913-961-1790 or 708-774-6500) to arrange for a detailed work scope and project price.

    No Cracks - No Misunderstandings

    Everyone Receives Clear Marching Orders

    Bringing Peace and Productivity To Your Team

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